RentJackflats: There’s So Much to Try at T’ahpas 529

Is there a better way to explore the flavors of Spanish cuisine than doing so with tapas-style small plates? We’d go so far as to say there isn’t, which is why anyone who is interested in tasting staples of the Iberian peninsula should check out Melrose’s T’ahpas 529, on Franklin Street.
Executive Chef Lorenzo Tenreiro shows off a traditional take on tapas here, taking Spanish Mediterranean flavors and showing them off in a way that’s totally craveworthy. Chicken empanadas, yuca fries, and olive tapenade are all on the cards here, as is delicious Jamon Serrano, fried calamari, and an incredible amount of other delicious dishes. What’s more, they serve up an extensive collection of specialty cocktails, like Caipirinhas, negronis, and margaritas. There’s so much to enjoy here, you could spend an entire day savoring everything they have to offer.

Via RentJackflats